You are here…but you’re not “here”…

…where you’d probably rather be.

If you have to ask “Um, what’s there to do here?”, or ever thought “God, there’s nothing to do here” you are probably in Salt Lake. The capital city of the state of Utah.

You’re probably confused, underwhelmed, or once again disappointed that you are stuck in this bite sized metropolis with fake smiled citizenry and watered down beer.

And I wouldn’t blame you.

Sometimes I hate Salt Lake. If I let myself get stuck in it that is. If I let it “get” to me.

Salt Lake has issues. Salt Lake is straightlaced, naive, boring.

Salt Lake is where I can’t catch a bus close to home after 9pm. Where I can’t buy a bottle of wine on Sunday. Where I wind my way around bamboozled herds of meandering Mormons during Conference week. Where I cough, choke, and sniffle my way through poisonous winter smog. Where the lazy folk panhandle for charity change but don’t provide a good show. Where the religious few scheme behind curtains and closed doors on ways to corral the non-religious many.

Salt Lake is where I struggle with a soul scraping depression, ennui that drains my motivation, see-sawing social retardation and frustration, anxiety that jiggles my bones & brain matter, and an ever looming, impotent sense of boredom and restlessness.

It’s not where I live.

But it is where I travel and work my way through from time to time.

My home, my sanctuary, my fascination, my enthusiastic citizenship, my urban exploration is the City of Wondersalt. Within it I am free, wild, weird, and ever curious. There are strange things to do and see here, wonder to experience, spirits to chase, fun to be had, art to be made, adventures to seek, journeys to take, and great works to be manifested. It’s full of good smells, decorative architecture, weird souls, and cool shit.

It is a wonder, nuzzled between a salty lake and rolling mountainside.

Trust me, you’d rather be HERE.

Unfortunately for you Wondersalt City is not on any known maps. Tourists don’t book their vacations here. Desperate or lost souls don’t get “stuck” here trying to get somewhere else.

You have to BE here and live within it already, happen upon it like Alice chasing a time crunched rabbit….or be invited to explore.

If you’re curious then perhaps I may invite you myself. 🙂




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