START here perhaps?

Welcome to a strange beginning.

There are only a few answer we’re willing to share at this time. Answers are precious and we don’t have many of them to dole at willy nilly. For the time being we will provide you with the following insight:

Consider pages as doors or cabinets.

And posts as items such as a photograph, song, or any other such thing that may be a clue.

If you found a Wondersalt City card in a book, or other media look for underlined words. Consider those as keys. If a word is in a box – that’s a door that a key may unlock. If there is no box around a word you are welcome to try trial and error with the key you have found. But we suggest only doing that out of a compelling sense of curiosity. Otherwise we understand your a busy person with serious matters to attend to and not random silliness.